Monday, October 15, 2007

We Are Somewhat Mollified

Dearest Legions of Fans:

We have had many trials and tribulations since our last communique. Some vast conspiracy caused us to be whisked from the Land of Smiles and spirited away, apparently in the baggage compartment of a large cargo vessel. We are assured by our "manager" that everything is fine and we will be home soon. We begin to suspect, however, that our travails are but mere sport to those around us. Any of our Legions of Fans who can pinpoint our whereabouts are urged to rise up and rescue us immediately.

In the meantime, we went on an interesting trip a few days ago. First, we sailed on a boat, from which we could gaze upon a vast city.

Later, we were carried up a mountainside, where we were introduced to a figure of apparently great local importance.

The kind gentleman assured us that all will be well if we will but accept what comes our way with equanimity and grace. Which is not our natural inclination, but we're willing to give it a try. Must have new wardrobe soon, though, and full access to hotel minibars if we are to tolerate this continued abuse.


chris said...

Darling Peteena,
You have been absolutely Buddha-like in your patience on this trip. But at least your manager arranged for transport for you up the steps and for a great city view from the boat.

Despite you wardrobe woes, you look ravishing with your new male friend.

Do hope the hotel's alarms did not disrupt your beauty rest to radically.

Iake care, I know you are in good hands with Stephanie.

Peteena said...

Your words of comfort are greatly appreciated. The man yelling in the middle of the night in a foreign language seems to have disturbed our manager far more than ourself. Whatever distress we suffered that night was more than offset by the gratifying spectacle of her running around the room in a panic, trying to ascertain who was yelling and how to make it stop.