Monday, January 18, 2010

Better Late Than Never, Right?

Sure, we moved in September, and even allowing for settling-in time it's a bit late to be putting up pictures of our new house, but (see post title). For a refresher on how it looked before, go to my flickr page: The outside looks pretty much the same so far, that's a project for the future!

Very happy kitty, in a pillow fort, in the master bedroom or our new house.

The living room...

... the dining room...

...and the guest room (working on an application process, in the meantime, if you'd like to stay with us please send us the dates of your proposed visit, the names and phone numbers of three personal references, and a damage deposit of $100).

And now, for a few random shots not of our new house:

Christmas lights in our neighborhood (honestly, Berkeley didn't exact impress with its Christmas light efforts - we saw much better in my sister's neighborhood in Austin, and we didn't even make it to 37th street this year).

No, it's not a UFO, it's close-up of the very silly lighting fixture in the Starbucks in San Antonio, Texas.

I must admit I have a fascination with the inexplicable lighting displays you see in airports and other public spaces (like Starbucks). Maybe it's because they're so shiny! This one is in the Denver airport, where we spent many hours on our way to Texas for Christmas.

Lastly, here's my favorite storefront in our new neighborhood. I have never seen a business like this in my life. My favorite is in the little white spot near the door knob that you can't read in the photo - it says, "By Appointment Only."