Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Boxes, the Boxes!

Yes, we still have lots of boxes in big piles, in almost every room (the kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom, however, are now box free). Had some trouble getting all the curtain rods back up, which has prevented us from reassembling our bookshelves, which would enable us to unpack and shelve the books, which would allow us to get rid of most of the remaining boxes.

I promise to post pictures of our new house as soon as it's presentable. I know it's gonna be worth it, even though the past few weeks have been quite the rollercoaster:
Morty actually sits nicely on the lap of our neighbor, Venesa, so she can say goodbye (you might not know it, but he's NOT a lapdog!).

Our other, neighbor, Miss Dorothy (President of the Frank Mugsy Mordecai McWhinesalot Fan Club), puts on a brave face on our last day on 7th Street...

...and actually poses for a picture with me!

We visit the friendly puppy on our last official walk in our old neighborhood (we think her name is Xena, but we're not sure).

My favorite picture of friendly puppy Xena from the day.

Morty and I shop for drapes at Bed Bath and Beyond, where they let you bring your dog inside as long as he's in a cart or being carried (Morty was not very happy about this, but bore it reasonably well).

Getting used to being a commuter again (crossing San Pablo to at dusk in this shot).

This is the block I work on, about 7:00 p.m. on a recent evening. We're looking towards my office, which is half a block down on the right.

This odd guy is actually inside the door, stuffed between the push bar and the glass at the futon shop on San Pablo. I'm not sure what he's supposed to be doing there, but he's very eye-catching.