Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chi-Town is the Stupidest City Nickname Ever

Someone here in Berkeley actually asked me how my trip to "Chi-Town" was. I held my tongue (I actually do that, sometimes, contrary to popular belief). Nearly 20 years in Chicago and I never once heard a Chicagoan call it "Chi-Town." The word "Chicago" just rolls off the tongue so nicely, why does the city need a nickname? The California Quail says "Chicago" in its call, for pity's sake (when birders try to communicate what a bird sounds like they will pick a word or phrase with the same cadence, and the California Quail is often said to be saying Chi-CAW-Go, Chi-CAW-Go).

Favorite photos from my most recent trip to the Windy City (now there's a nickname!):

Late night snow fall on Saturday night - perfect! It came after all my work days were done, just enough to be beautiful and not enough to make everything a hassle.

Inside the Audio Arts & Acoustics Department at Columbia College Chicago. The building used to be a bank, and the acoustics in the bank vault are so awesome that they kept it intact (after ensuring that the door cannot close, of course!).

Beard Papa's now in Chicago! Freshly made cream puffs, and they are every bit as awesome as they sound.

Seriously, Jewel, who calls a doughnut a "Yeast Ring?" No wonder you are in so much trouble. Well, there's also the new Trader Joe's across the street, that's probably not helping, either.

Had a very tasty breakfast at Yolk, on 10th and Michigan.

Would you pay $6 to park your bike for the day in downtown Chicago? Neither would anyone else, apparently.

Most ridiculous thing I saw during my recent visit, the new Roosevelt University building, which towers over the old Roosevelt University building in a most unattractive way.