Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Message From Peteena

Peteena has asked me to express her deepest appreciation to the Legions of Fans who eagerly follow her every move. She is currently grounded, however, (including loss of internet privileges) after making an unauthorized raid on the mini-bar. Her selfish behavior has put me well over my per-diem, and consequently the two of us will be begging in the streets later today in the hopes of coming up with some cash for a meager evening repast. Will probably have to purchase contaminated food from a street vendor, resulting in severe food poisoning. Fortunately, my doctor gave me antibiotics for the trip, let's hope they're strong enough. Don't want to miss our flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand, in the morning.

Here's a little something to tide you over. Unfortunately the camera in the Treo 700p is ill-equipped to deal with a backlighting situation, but rest assured that Peteena has been enjoying the spectacular view from our hotel room.


SAS said...

Your loving sister here. Sorry I haven't posted before. Mitch logged in on our home computer, and I guess I could have switched it, but I wanted to set one up here at work. Just haven't had time.

Love your posts, I've been following all along. But can't believe you are blaming Peteena for the raid on the minibar! I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

Especially liked the "We are Science Students". Working with techies all day, I can relate. Sounds like something they'd say when I try to impart some HR wisdom. "We are Programmers". Shel

Chris said...

Sounds like you are doing well, tho corraling that Booze hound, Peteena, seems to be more challenging than shopping. But I know how those party animals are. I have to keep a constant watch on Chica or she will drink my Kahlua with cream, of course.

Surely you could not starve with the gourmet meal provided at your desk. Know cheese on white bread is a favorite!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Hey Hey Hey! Hey Hey Hey hey!

Jason Messinger said...

Hi, sorry I haven't posted earlier, been swamped getting ready for weekend art open house at Cornelia Arts bldg. Just got my fancy mobile credit card terminal that cost $1000 but will cost me $2880 over the four year monthly lease. Yikes! Better make some sales!

Sounds like you are very pressed to enjoy yourself in crazy Asia with your busy busy schedule. Remember that you can find authenticity cheaply; find a corner store and buy a weird candy bar, or pack of gum - now that you're leaving Singapore.

My sister just got back from two weeks in Japan. She has been to China and other parts of Asia before, but she said Japan was total culture shock - its like traveling into the future.

Mike's away this week for Gay Softball world series in Phoenix, so I empathize with you missing your honey.

Great posts, keep 'em coming.
Looks like your pug posted right before me. - Jason