Monday, December 19, 2011

Four Keys

I recently left my job at Golden Gate Audubon after three years, and now realize that my life can be defined by the four keys on my keyring: house key, car key, church door key, and bike lock key. I am working from home for Columbia College Chicago, and really excited about both (the working from home and being back with CCC for my primary gig). Hopefully I will not drive Brian too crazy, and I think Morty definitely appreciates the change (Violet does not seemed to have noticed yet).

And, since I just can't help myself when it comes to compulsively snapping imgaes, here are some recent photos:

Brian and I managed a short getaway to Marin between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this is a cold cloudy Monday morning in downtown Tiburon.

Cloudy and cold can be a good thing when it comes to getting a table at the awesome New Morning Cafe.

Brian and Mort pose by the Bay, with San Francisco in the background.

December Pug Meetup was last Saturday, and we were fortunate to have a nice sunny day (last December it rained cats and dogs, so to speak, and Morty and I were the only ones there for our pug party). This is Prince, who is giving me what I can only describe as the hairy eye ball.

That's it for now, Happy Holidays, everyone!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Sometimes visits with friends or family can be over-the-top awesome, other times they can disappoint. And sometimes they're juuuuust right. I've had wonderful times lately with friends in Chicago, and with my family here in the Bay Area. First up, Thanksgiving with Mitch and Shelly!

My wonderful sister, Shelly, and her husband, Mitch "The Master Carver" visited us from Austin, Texas, for the Thanksgiving holiday. On Friday we went to Land's End and walked from the Legion of Honor to the the Cliff Trail head, then to Cliff House and back. Kind of cloudy, but a beautiful day - we had so much fun!

Overlooking Sutro Baths and Cliff House.

Looking down from our seat in the lounge, where we had beverages and clam chowder. My sister had a Nutty Saint Nick, and I had a Snow Shoe (our husbands, for better and for worse, did not of the spirits imbibe).

Walking back to our car on the road, overlooking the trail we had been on earlier.

And before that, I had a few days in Chicago, finding just the right balance between work and play.

Waiting with Jason and Michael for the 146. Or the 145. Or even the 151, which we finally got on after hanging out at the bus stop for 40 minutes.

What would blogging about my trip to Chicago be without a beautiful sunrise shot?

The hosts with the MOST, Jason and Michael.

Bus stop ad on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Really, Usher? EVERY BOTTLE of this particular vodka you endorse actually saves lives in Africa? How does that work?

If you believe that, I've got some Little Green Patches I'd like to send you.

Jason and I went to American Science and Surplus (thanks, Zipcar!) and did some shopping. My only question - How could Celebriducks not have caught on?

And here are a few recent random favorites:

Was in SF last week, and could not resist the sparkliness that is Holiday Macy's.

Breakfast at Homemade Cafe in Berkeley before November Pug Meetup. We managed to get two spaces at the counter, where we had a bird's eye view of the grill.

Nice weather for our monthly Pug Meet-up, so we had lots of people and pugs taking advantage of the mild day. This is Melanie (I think), who clearly wants some attention.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Explore Elko manages to make Elko, Nevada seem way more exciting than it is while missing its real charm. We stayed at the Shilo Inn, which was pet-friendly, had a pool AND had a movie multi-plex, two restaurants, a Starbucks, a Joann Fabric and a Famous Footwear within walking distance - that's my kind of place!

Brian and I spent a few days there recently, visiting family (on Brian's father's side). Here's the view up I-80 from the Shilo, which I had a lot of time to contemplate while waiting for Morty to do his business.

We had a hillbilly picnic while on the way to the Ruby Marshes.

The Ruby Marshes themselves were incredibly beautiful, and almost completely devoid of people on a Saturday afternoon.

Brian (right)and his brother, Thayer, after a little rock-climbing.

Brian at the height (ahem) of the afore-mentioned rock climbing expedition (overlooking the South Fork of the Humboldt River).

It was all a bit much for Morty, who is old, fat, AND lazy. Fortunately for him, Brian's mom, Pam, had a broken foot and was not as mobile as usual, so Mort and I hung out with her. On the other hand, he got more meaty treats on this trip than he's probably had in the entire previous year, so it wasn't really so awful.

Taken while walking in one of the campgrounds at Lamoille Canyon. The campgrounds host's campsite is at the base of the mountain.

Basque Family Style Dining at the Star Hotel, where they bring you bread, soup, salad, Basque beans, green beans and french fries before plopping down in front of you the biggest piece of animal flesh you've ever seen. (Yes, I did cave and have the salmon, which would have been three salmon entrees at any other restaurant.)

All in all, a lovely getaway. Go ahead, explore Elko!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

Was in Chicago recently (did some work for Columbia College Chicago, spent time with friends - especially the awesomest hosts in the world, Jason and Michael) where spring is still taunting them with its nearness while staying just out of reach. Missed what will probably amount to about half of the 70-degree-plus days for the year here in the Bay Area, but am not complaining (much). After that little spate of warm days it has cooled off again here, but hopefully will also dry out a bit so I can start to get my garden in. Right now, it looks like summer (stuff is blooming everywhere) but feels more like fall - that's the Bay Area for ya.

Here are a few of my favorite recent photos:

San Francisco Airport. I'm not sure what to make of this. You should eat before you go through security? Is there more secure dining elsewhere? Or perhaps there is a time machine where you can go back to before 911 when we were so much less secure?

I was shocked to find my favorite Walgreens, the one that has stood forever on the corner of State and Jackson, closed. It was crowded and dingy, the clerks were rude and the customers downright savage. God, I loved that place.

Beautiful night-time view of N. Lake Shore Drive at Belmont Harbor.

Got back in time to have a couple of days with Brian's parents, visiting from Baltimore. And I did get to enjoy one of the those beautiful, warm days I mentioned before. Here we are at Miller-Knox Park at Point Richmond.

Had to take Violet in to get some teeth pulled a few days after I got back. She was not happy, and the kicky bandana and tourniquet they gave her at University Vet Hospital did nothing to improve her mood. If she ever does get her fondest wish (the power to decide who lives and who die), I'm a goner.