Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday Hackery

I had a wonderful holiday vacation in Texas, though I brought back the worst cold I've in quite some time (sore throat and horrible, hacking cough - my eternal gratitude to Brian for not making me get a motel room yet so he can get some sleep).

Went to a holiday party at my sister's neighbor's house, where I was surprised to see guys this age totally engrossed in their phones. Important messages, or social awkwardness?

Went to the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, and snapped this pic of downtown Austin from the grounds of the Palmer Center. Beautiful, sunny day in Texas!

In San Antonio, we had the opportunity to drive my step-mom's Miyata a couple of times (thanks, Chris!) and could not resist putting the top down after catching a matinee of the new Tin Tin movie (which was better than I thought it might be - good holiday fun).

We stopped at Mission Concepcion on our way to a new section of the San Antonio River Walk.

Detail shot from inside the church at Mission Concepcion.

On the River Walk, south of downtown San Antonio.

Time for some cute animal shots. This is Cisco, the last dog standing at Dad and Chris's house. Best guess has Cisco at about 15 years old, and if that's true he's in pretty good shape.

And this is Chica, Dad and Chris's supremely anti-social cat. She is gorgeous, and once in a while I manage to stroke her while she's on the move, but basically she likes my Dad and that's about it.