Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Not In the City

I was sitting in a meeting not long ago, waiting for a couple of other people to show up, making chitchat with my friends at WCTV. One of them said that he couldn't wait to "...move out of the city...". I said, "Wait, what city, are we in the city? What city are we in?" They looked at me like I was crazy.

Anyway, recent developments in Richmond and environs...

The groundhog who either lives under, or really likes to hang out by, our side porch. Name contest underway (for the dog, not the porch!) make a comment to leave your suggestion.

The fabulous chocolatier Ghyslain from Union City (yes, Indiana) has opened a new restaurant in Richmond (whooo-hooo!)

As if the fantastic chocolate weren't enough, check out the wallpaper in the bathroom...

The moon, and the very last rays of the day's light, seen from outside Matt and Heidi Hisrich's house on Abbington Pike (better photo than I thought I'd get of this on the Treo, actually).

Travelled to McNabb, Illinois earlier this week to hear Brian speak at Illinois Yearly Meeting. Very beautiful and bucolic location, very friendly and welcoming people. This is the view from the side door of the meeting house.

Brian gives the keynote address, on "Whose Ministry of Reconciliation?" It was an incredible evening, filled with conversation, contemplation, and prayer. Had to come right back to Richmond to work this weekend, unfortunately, but looking forward to having Brian back home tomorrow.