Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Weekend - so much going on. Lots of stuff to do at Berkeley Friends Church, Brian's folks are visiting from Baltimore, and Spring has sprung with a vengeance. Not enough time to blog properly, but here are some favorite recent photos:

I was happy to see some lilacs in our neighbors yard, I miss my Midwestern spring flowers! Haven't seen any peonies anywhere yet, though, and they're my favorites of all.

Wisteria everywhere out here (just learned what it was today when Pam told me, I had been wondering because it's everywhere). Did I mention the wisteria everywhere?

The Calla Lily plant in our backyard continues to make huge, amazing blooms.

Most ridiculously phallic blooming plant in my neighborhood so far.

Brian works the scope (borrowed from GGAS - there are some fringe benefits) during a recent birding outting to Martin Luther King, Jr. Shoreline in Oakland.

Morty waits at the Peace Post outside the Farmer's Market in downtown Berkeley (because the People's Nazi Farmers wouldn't let him in).

Is it just me, or is this sign kind of naughty?

Someone tied two Corgis to a parking meter right across the sidewalk from us (Pam, Eric, Brian and I) while we were eating lunch at Metro Cafe in Montclaire today. Cute, cute, cute!