Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We Are Science Students

Flew from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur this morning, went directly from the airport to two school visits. Very nice people, but not much interest in the arts among the students. One asked me what kind of school mine was, and when I told him he just stared at me and then said, "We are science students."

Malaysia is incredibly beautiful and lush. Very crazy and chaotic compared to Singapore. All the buildings appear to be either brand new or in an advanced state of decay and ready to cede the battle back to the jungle. Felt well and brave enough to head out for dinner with a group of about a dozen counselors and had some fine, fine Indian food. Following is a sampling of the pictures I took today.

The Inti School (no idea what the name means):

The snack they prepared for each of us at our tables (cheese sandwich on white bread with the crusts trimmed, a big hunk of pound cake, and drinking water that comes sealed in a cup with a straw that you poke into it like a juice box):

The view across my table (no students, bored):

On the road to the hotel (or, the visual equivalent of the Dopler effect):

Self Portrait at the "In Room Shopping" Nook:

Judging from comments in previous posts, it appears that Peteena is paying someone off to pose as her "Legions of Fans" and pester me to let her post. When she stops whining and peeing all over the hotel room I will consider it.


BrianY said...

Are you sure it wasn't the Indie School? I guess not, if the stoonts weren't interested in Columbia...

And I love the Doppler effect photo! Very cool.

CAM said...

Hey !!
I want Indian Food !!!
Bet your not missing Mexican...
Kewl Photos. I think the sciences more then any could use some COLOR ..(ART).

Anonymous said...

How many of the other schools represented are arty schools? Maybe you are with the wrong group. Maybe you should say you represent a science school. Maybe you should stick Peteena in a garbage bag. Maybe you should have taken Brian! At least he doesn't drink much.

Hope you are no longer bored, lonesome, or feeling neglected. Love, Dad