Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crater Lake Blue

I hope to get up a series of post about our last vacation without too much delay. I have some great photos (which are also up on my flickr page:, though I'm not done organizing them yet) and probably-not-so-great thoughts to share.

One of the things that was most memorable was Crater Lake. It was little bit like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time; you know all about it, and have seen pictures, but nothing can prepare you for the reality. Crater Lake is such an intense blue that you can't help but stare and stare, and take LOTS of pictures. I'll restrain myself here and only present a few.

Starting with my favorite one of just the water:

This is overlooking Wizard Island.

Scenic Crater Lake, with snow!

And more snow! Here's Brian on a big pile of it.

More soon.