Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Evil. Pure Evil.

I never know what to expect (weather-wise) when I go to Chicago in November, but (after rain the first evening) I got really lucky this time. Sunny, temps in the 50s and then even 60s on Sunday.

The Admissions staff for Columbia College Chicago Fall Open House was in the new Spertus Museum on Saturday, and it is really an amazing building. And you'd think I'd be used to spectacular lake views in Chicago after working downtown for several years and now staying with The Greatest Hosts Ever when I visit (thanks, Jason and Mike!) but they still take my breath away.

Looking out from the 10th floor of the Spertus.

Looking out over Belmont Harbor from the World's Greatest Hosts' fab pad.

I even had a chance for a walk along the lakefront, from Belmont up to Bill Jarvis Bird Sanctuary (nice walk, no binocs, no birds of note).

I saw so many friends and had a really great time. And then....

...O'Hare Airport, Terminal 3, K Concourse, women's restroom. These are mirrors when you stand in front of them, and ads when you're looking at them from an angle.

They charge you for bags, they won't give you any food, and now this.

Evil. Pure evil. And all the automatic faucets and soap dispensers in the world can't cleanse me of it.