Saturday, November 26, 2011


Sometimes visits with friends or family can be over-the-top awesome, other times they can disappoint. And sometimes they're juuuuust right. I've had wonderful times lately with friends in Chicago, and with my family here in the Bay Area. First up, Thanksgiving with Mitch and Shelly!

My wonderful sister, Shelly, and her husband, Mitch "The Master Carver" visited us from Austin, Texas, for the Thanksgiving holiday. On Friday we went to Land's End and walked from the Legion of Honor to the the Cliff Trail head, then to Cliff House and back. Kind of cloudy, but a beautiful day - we had so much fun!

Overlooking Sutro Baths and Cliff House.

Looking down from our seat in the lounge, where we had beverages and clam chowder. My sister had a Nutty Saint Nick, and I had a Snow Shoe (our husbands, for better and for worse, did not of the spirits imbibe).

Walking back to our car on the road, overlooking the trail we had been on earlier.

And before that, I had a few days in Chicago, finding just the right balance between work and play.

Waiting with Jason and Michael for the 146. Or the 145. Or even the 151, which we finally got on after hanging out at the bus stop for 40 minutes.

What would blogging about my trip to Chicago be without a beautiful sunrise shot?

The hosts with the MOST, Jason and Michael.

Bus stop ad on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Really, Usher? EVERY BOTTLE of this particular vodka you endorse actually saves lives in Africa? How does that work?

If you believe that, I've got some Little Green Patches I'd like to send you.

Jason and I went to American Science and Surplus (thanks, Zipcar!) and did some shopping. My only question - How could Celebriducks not have caught on?

And here are a few recent random favorites:

Was in SF last week, and could not resist the sparkliness that is Holiday Macy's.

Breakfast at Homemade Cafe in Berkeley before November Pug Meetup. We managed to get two spaces at the counter, where we had a bird's eye view of the grill.

Nice weather for our monthly Pug Meet-up, so we had lots of people and pugs taking advantage of the mild day. This is Melanie (I think), who clearly wants some attention.

Happy Holidays, everyone!