Monday, October 1, 2007

Peteena sees the sight(see-ers)

Last day in Singapore. Finally got to see some of the city in the daytime, even if it was from the window of a tour bus. Peteena went along and is in a better mood as well. She fit nicely on the window ledge of our bus.

This tour bus pulled up opposite ours. One person inside actually did a nice doubletake at Peteena, which, unfortunately I did not manage to capture it with my cell phone camera -- not exactly the right tool to deal with shooting through two windows. I could have used a better camera today, though for the most part I'm having a good time with the Treo. It's got its limitations, but it's own aesthetic as well.

Fun and informative visits to National Junior College and Singapore American School. SAS had amazing art classrooms and facilities (more and better than any I've seen in the US), and one of their teachers was kind enough to invite me for a tour and to observe a class, so I split off from the group and took a cab back to the hotel. Must pack and get some rest, we have to be on the bus and off to the airport by 6am tomorrow. Will post from Kuala Lumpur when our schedule allows.

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When does Peteena get to post?