Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Do You Have MBA?

Another IIE fair (International Institute of Education) this afternoon, lots of students and even some that were NOT looking for MBA programs. Four hours is a long time to sit around and talk about your school, but fortunately I had some excellent assistance from my volunteer interpreter, Duy (right). Leaving for Taipei in the morning, here are some more pics from Ho Chi Minh City:

Le Phong Hong School, where we addressed about 300 students directly, and Lord knows how many indirectly after they informed us that the PA system we were using in the auditorium was broadcasting into nearby classrooms as well. Hope they enjoyed the information about studying in the US!

A restaurant across the street from the International School of Ho Chi Minh City. Don't know if you can read it, but underneath the Pizza and Pasta sign it says "Vietnamese Food Tex Mex Thai Cocktails Tiramisu." Unfortunately we were not able to visit this fine establishment to investigate. ISHCMC provided lunch, and we are all about the free food wherever possible.

A pink Catholic Church....

... and a green Mosque.

The lobby of the Legend Hotel Saigon, where we are staying. The all-day buffet truly is spectacular (it's in the lighter, upper part of the frame). Beyond the windows at top left is the pool, where you have to not mind the diners staring at you while you swim.


BrianY said...

Pizza, Pasta, Vietnamese Food, Tex Mex, Thai, Cocktails, (or is that Thai Cocktails?), and Tiramisu??? And at the top in faded letters, it says "Cappucino" as well! I'm surprised you didn't abandon the tour immediately: "You guys can pick me up on your way back from Tokyo--I've got everything I need right here..."

Well, I guess it would have to have Indian food to be absolutely perfect.

SAS said...

That's quite an inclusive list of food there. But I bet they don't have people swimming for entertainment there.

Stephanie said...

Under normal circumstances I would have deserted the group, or exhorted them to storm the restaurant with me. I have learned to exercise some caution, though, since I've been here in terms of where to eat and what to put in my mouth.