Friday, October 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

Enjoying a little down time in Hong Kong. We don't have any full days off this trip, but Friday and Saturday are pretty light. We have an IIE fair (Institute of International Education) in the hotel across the street Saturday, but it's over at 4pm and then we have an evening to ourselves. Sunday we check out at noon and head to Shanghai.

Here are some of my favorite pictures that I haven't posted yet.

Melissa entertains us while we wait for a school fair to start.
A banner with the school motto at Overseas Family School in Singapore

Godlove (or, as we call him, G-Love) poses with the scary DHL mascots at the IIE fair in Bangkok.

Passing through clouds on the plane to Ho Chi Minh City.

Elections were drawing near in Bangkok, and there were candidate posters everywhere. Each candidate had a number that had to be listed on their poster. This guy had TONS of posters - he always looked pissed, and usually had the binoculars.

And here are a few new pictures from our brief stop in Kuala Lumpur:

Passing by a huge shopping complex on the bus.

WOW (also shot from the bus).

Lots of people get in each other's way at the reception desk of the JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur.

The younger kids at Mont Kiara School in KL were into some serious jumprope. At one point they had five kids in, and managed to keep that up for half a dozen jumps.

And lastly, while there is little opportunity to go birding on this trip, I have managed to identify a couple of the birds I saw hanging around the pool in HK, like the Spotted Dove:


BrianY said...

So do all the Thai politicians also happen to be movie stars, or do their campaign materials just try to make them look that way? Why binoculars, and why on the back of a motor scooter? Why is he not wearing a helmet (the driver is)!?!? Is he anti-helmet laws? Or does he just not look good in one?

And good job spotting the black kite. Wouldn't expect to see one of those from poolside.

On a serious note, there have been reports of significant violence in Bangkok due to political unrest. Did you have any inkling of that while you were there?

Anonymous said...

Seething with envy re. the Chinese bulbul.

Was the Black Kite doing the characteristic tail-twisting behavior? Too bad some of our North American raptors don't have such an identifiable behavior...