Sunday, October 5, 2008

Downpour in Singapore

Arrived at our hotel in Singapore (the Hilton this time, not the Pan Pacific where we stayed last year, though the rooms look eerily similar) shortly after 11pm and got to the hotel around midnight. When you're traveling with 30 or so people, even the simplest things are a big production, so I didn't actually get into my room until close to 1am. Fortunately, today's university fair was in our hotel, because it poured rain for most of the day. Managed to get out earlier this evening, however - the rain had ended and the sun was out.

Here's a shot from the lobby of the Hilton Singapore.

Singapore loves to shop, even as much as Tokyo (if that's possible). Michigan Avenue in Chicago on the the day after Thanksgiving has nothing on Orchard Street in Singapore on a random afternoon. I just turned right from the hotel and went with the flow. Contrary to popular myth in the US, people do jaywalk in Singapore, and they don't get thrown into prison for it.

On the street outside our hotel.

Found the Toast Box in one of the many malls near the hotel - cue more insane jealousy from Brian.

There's a DQ/Orange Julius nearby. If anyone connected with the Richmond Art Museum is keeping up with the blog, tell Barry Johnston I had Mocha Waffle Chip Blizzard in Singapore today.

You all know I can't resist a bakery window full of fanciful cakes!

There's a Fernando Botero sculpture across the street from the DQ, in which I seemed to be the only person who was remotely interested.

There's also a "McCafe" - has anyone seen these in the US yet? It's basically an open-air McDonald's, you order at the counter and dine al fresco outside the mega-shopping complex.

A full day of school visits tomorrow, then off to Ho Chi Minh City!


BrianY said...

TOAST BOX?!?!?!?!?!?!?

What can one get at the Toast Box?
Is it boxes for toast, or boxes of toast?
Is this a chain?
Are they coming to a street corner near me?
Could this possibly replace Tim Horton's in my fickle, fickle heart?

Mens want to know!

Stephanie said...

Toast Box is basically a bakery in which one can also make and purchase one's own toast. Don't know if it's a chain, but I fear they will not be coming to California, Indiana, or any of the rest of these united states anytime soon.

Shelly said...

Love the cake photos. Gives me ideas for my next cake decorating project. Not! If I could do that I'd go into business for myself and leave the government world behind.

I thought the Toast Box was a place to buy toasters!

Mr. Miro said...

Even given your explanation, all I can do is repeat Brian's comment:
"TOAST BOX?!?!?!?!?!?!?"
Maybe my next career move ought to be to bring this chain to the USA.

Mitch said...

When I saw "Toast Box" the first thing I thought of was that you had found a new variety of Asian martial arts. You know, "These guys are toast! Now box!"

We had our first rain since mid August last night. A crash, boom, and a flash of light woke us up about 1:30 and Miss Hannah kept us up for another half hour regaling us with her dulcet tones. She finds barking at us in bed is the best way to inform us that it is thundering outside.

Take care! Love the blog .

Peteena said...
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Stephanie said...

I had no idea that the phrase "Toast Box" would be so controversial. A quick Google search brings up many Singaporean bloggers with a great affinity for Toast Box and its parent company, BreadTalk. More info. can be found on wikipedia at And, yes, SOMEONE should be working hard on getting Toast Box to the US!