Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I've reached the point where I've begun counting down everything - how many days, how many cities, how many planes, how many schools (6, 2, 4 and 4 (plus two more big fairs)).

We were in and out of Shanghai pretty quickly. In fact, it felt like we spent more time at the airport than in the city. We got there early for our flight out to Beijing yesterday and had some time to kill (FYI: the airports in socialist/communist countries are not the ones you want to have significant down time in). Then, our plane had a mechanical problem and they changed planes and gates on us, necessitating a LONG walk through the airport (they list well over 200 gates at the Shanghai Pudong Airport), followed by a one-hour delay and jam-packed bus rides to the plane.

Made it to our hotel fairly late, but it is a nice one; much nicer than either of the hotels I've stayed at in Shanghai. But then, if you name your hotel "Shangri La" I guess it had better deliver the goods. My room is huge, but unfortunately a smoking room.

Have not been to Beijing before, and so was quite interested to get a look at it on the bus to International School Beijing this morning. At one point we passed the Olympic Bird's Nest and Swimming cube - much snapping of photos, mine are below.

I'll start with a few (or is that several?) photos from Shanghai and move on to Beijing:

It's not every hotel room where you find your very own, easily accessible, cabinet full of electrical wiring (this in the Hua Ting Hotel and Towers in Shanghai).

Took a nice walk our first day in Shanghai, starting at the hotel and heading toward Shanghai Stadium. Don't even ask me what this guy's about.

The infamous Shangai Institute of International Education Fair.

My favorite shop in the Shanghai Pudong Airport.

Inside the fabulous Shangri-La Hotel Beijing.

Outside the fabulous Shangri-La Hotel Beijing.

We had a nice lunch in a Chinese restaurant near our first school visit today.

The Swimming Cube from the Beijing Olympics (can anyone tell me how to rotate a picture after I've uuploaded it to the blog? I'm too lazy to re-do it.)

A fleeting glimpse of the Bird's Nest.

I must say, they're really milking the Olympics in China. I've seen endless replays in the airports, on outdoor advertising marquees, even in hotel elevators.

Tomorrow, on to Seoul!


Shelly said...

The Shangri-La looks fabulous! You're on the downhill side now, soon you'll be home and Morty will be licking your leg!

BrianY said...

Thank you for several interesting photos of China. The blue guy looks like a Chinese version of Gumby.

We're counting down here, too: six days, five piles of paper I still have to get out of the living rm/dining rm, three shelves I still have to put up in the storage closet... can't wait 'til you get home!