Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Stuff: Good or Bad? Debate!

Yes, our stuff has finally arrived. And while it's nice to have a bed to sleep in (actually, it's beyond nice, it's just about the greatest thing ever), it's discouraging to see how much stuff we have. Yes, I have lots of clothes to wear now, and more than one saucepan and one skillet in my kitchen, but we also have a box of MST3K VHS tapes that we never opened after we moved from Chicago (we have many - I'd say several or even quite a few, but that doesn't do it justice - boxes that we never opened after we moved from Chicago). I guess the first step towards getting help is admitting that you have a problem.

Can't be too depressed, though, when the weather is glorious, the produce is fantastic, fresh, and local, and the Westside Bakery and Cafe (from whence I blog) is kicking out jams like Curtis Mayfield's "Pusher Man" (from the soundtrack of what film? Superfly, of course!) on a Tuesday morning.

Recent photos:

Got lost coming home from downtown Oakland the other day (that's where the nearest branch of our bank is) and wound up WAY up in the hills!

Brian and I wait for the bus around the corner from our house.

Brian's new office at Berkeley Friends Church.

Super amazing topiary house in our neighborhood.

Mystery fruit in our front yard. They're about the size of eggs, and get very orange when ripe. Persimmons is my best guess right now.

Took a walk at the Aquatic Park, a few blocks from our house, over the weekend. Hard to see in this photo, but the background are I-80 and beyond that you can see San Francisco.

Close up of one of the frisbee golf stations in the park. Brian not as excited about this as I thought he'd be, but I hope he gets over there and plays soon.


julie said...

There is a surprising lack of books on the shelves in Brian's office. Has this been remedied, or is a contingent of ESR-folk going to have to come out with castaway books left in the gathering area to stock his shelves?

That topiary looks like some sort of exotic coaster tree. That's awesome.

BrianY said...

All of those shelves will shortly be filled w/ books, never fear. What wasn't in evidence when Steph took this picture was the 8-10 boxes of ESR-related stuff that I hadn't yet taken to the meetinghouse. It's still not all unpacked, but it's getting there. Then maybe I'll put on a tie and do the Matt McKimmy-style "I am a real pastor, yes sir" pose for posterity.