Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The New, Improved, Laramie Project?

Made it to Laramie, Wyoming, today. Checked into the Days Inn (pet friendly, if over-priced) and then had a nice dinner at the Altitude Brew Pug -- I mean Brew Pub. Mort now settled enough that we could leave him in the car (don't worry - we parked in the shade and it was a cool evening) without high-pitched keening ensuing.

Tomorrow we hope to make Elko, Nevada, where we'll spend the night with Brian's aunt Sid. After that, it's only 500 miles to Berkeley!

Recent Photos:

Passed several wind farms in Kansas and Colorado (also many sunflower farms, which were really hard to get a good shot of from a moving car).

Some threatening clouds, but only a few sprinkles on us.

The road to Laramie.

The Lincoln Monument, also on the road to Laramie.

Mort, not happy but being a very good boy!

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