Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm Outta Here!

Survived moving day. Barely. Two hours waiting for movers to arrive, four hours waiting for movers to move, four hours cleaning, hour and a half to Indy, an hour waiting for Shelly's plane to arrive from Austin. Made it to Salina, Kansas on this, our first full day of driving. Morty VERY good in the car, not so much whenever I'm out of his sight. High-pitched keening ensues. Glad to have Shelly along!

View of the moving procedures from inside the front door.

Mort waits for me to get done cleaning.


BrianY said...
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BrianY said...

I love the shot of Mort in the sun. He looks quite forlorn that there's no dining room table to hide under anymore, however.

So how many boxes did we end up with in the end? I don't suppose they could tell you the weight right away.