Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home, Strange Home

Doing my best to settle in to my new home and city. All very strange. There are big hills in the distance, and I don't know what most of the plants are. And there are plants everywhere. Quite a riotous display of vegetation everywhere one goes.

Berkeley seems like a nice city with lots of cool things to do and great places to eat. Have several great restaurants within walking distance of our house. Can't wait to show family and friends around when we have visitors!

Will be much happier, though, when our furniture arrives. Moving company now says August 24 (original estimate was August 19-21, but what's their hurry - it's not them sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags). Coping with the delay as best we can, though we're both getting a bit cranky. The pets seem happy, though - especially Morty, who thinks it's great that we all sleep on the floor together. That's the way it should be, right?

There's a drawer in the kitchen just for energy bars! Is this a city ordinance?

There are artichokes growing on our back deck. Neither of us are huge fans, but we ate one last night nonetheless. Food doesn't get any more local than this! We also have a huge fig tree in our yard, with actual figs. And our neighbors have a pear tree.

Morty waits for us to come to bed, so he can lay right next to my sleeping bag and keep the communists at bay (much tougher here than in Indiana!).

Violet loves sleeping in a sleeping bag.

Went to the East Bay park the other day - quite the spot for kite flying.

Finally figured out at least one plant we were seeing - anise. I had never seen licorice in its feral state before, very interesting.

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