Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mid-Week Getaway

Brian and I were very fortunate to have his father, Eric, and brother, Thayer, invite us to visit them last week while they were visiting Eric's sister in Elko, Nevada. They rented a dog-friendly condo near Lake Tahoe and we joined them for some fine food, hiking, and conversation. Brian's mother was able to join us for the final night, on which we watched a VHS copy of "The Terror," one of those crazy Corman films with an awesome pedigree - starring Jack Nicholson and Boris Karloff, assistant director Frances Coppola (no "Ford" in his name back then) and cinematography by Monte Hellman (who would go on to direct "Two Lane Blacktop" in a few more years).

Morty very intrepid on the hikes, though we did have to resort to pug portage and hoist him over a few boulders. A very beautiful area (even if I am, apparently, allergic to it). I fear my Treo camera does not do it justice, but here are a few pics:

The drive up was very hot, but Morty still couldn't resist the lure of the window.

The condo was very comfortable and cute, even though it had a large, scary chair featuring what looked like buffalo hide in the living room. Brian's mom, Pam, sat in it - she's much braver than I am.

Half of the houses seemed to be under construction, the other half for sale or even abandoned.

The Young family men contemplate nature.

Morty sits and pants while we have lunch.

Lake Tahoe had the biggest pine cones I've ever seen!

Spectacular scenery everywhere we went.

Weary hikers stop for ice cream.

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