Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Guy's Walking Down the Street With 3 Goats...

... and that's not the set-up to a joke, that's just life in Berkeley. It was about 9 p.m., so I couldn't get a picture with just the Treo phone, but Brian and I recently saw a guy walking down San Pablo (a pretty busy arterial street that runs north-south in west Berkeley) with three goats on a leash.

And then, about a week later, our neighbor in the back brought home a vending machine full of Clif Bars! I did not manage to get a picture until she had nearly emptied it and now it is covered with plastic and looks very forlorn. So, everyone, take heed - if a couple of guys walk by your window with a vending machine full of Clif Bars on a dolly and drop it in your yard, don't wait, get that photo right away!

Here's the best part - it takes credit cards!

In other news:

The neighbors' cat perches on the gate to our yard like he owns the place.

Another sight you could only see in Berkeley.

Morty gets some water at the Tofu-Yu Deli after a long walk on a warm day yesterday.

Cormorants sunning themselves at the Aqautic Park, as seen on the aforementioned long walk.


Janedsh said...


Thanks so much for sharing your life in Berkley. It brings back so many memories of the time I lived in San Francisco. I can vividly remember walking down Polk Street not long after we'd moved there (in 1979)and seeing two guys dressed up in bee costumes, just like John Belushi on Saturday Night Live. Now, as if that in itself wasn't enough (considering it was February - not October), the fact that nobody else on the street turned their head was confirmation that I sure wasn't in Indiana anymore! Glad to see you're enjoying the "unique" people and the great weather!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for commenting, Jane, I'm glad to hear your memories of Berkeley. Sounds like it hasn't changed much!