Monday, September 15, 2008

When Vegetables Go Bad

Who knew that if you left an artichoke on the stalk, this would happen?

It grew a big purple flower, for fuck's sake!

And, to Julie and the rest of our ESR friends, fear not about the distinct lack of books on the shelves in Brian's new office. He has been hard at work filling up those shelves (and getting books out of our rather cramped house). Will post another pic once he's done.

Alternate title for this post: "Cuidado! Hippies!" We ate with friends at Cafe Gratitude a couple of weeks ago, where every table has a board game that you can't win and every day has a question (that day's was: "What are you a YES to?" to which I replied "Global Domination!" They assumed I was joking). Cafe Gratitude somehow manages to be irritatingly hippie and annoyingly touristy at the same time. Quite Berkeley.

Brian on the tree swing at the park on Albany Hill, where we had a nice hike last weekend.

Morty on guard in the kitchen. Hey, even though you're constantly alert and ready for action, it's nice to have a something soft to lie on.

Violet demonstrates her Patented Pose of Ultimate Relaxation.

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Anonymous said...

Who says you can't have a second chance.

Love, Dad