Friday, September 28, 2007

Things Get Crazy

The night before I leave, Bri comes up with the goods (meaning a decent camera and a tripod, so we can do a better happy family picture)

Thursday morning, Brian drives me to the airport. Yeah, it was a little bit sad. No, I'm not actually crying.

Hadn't seen the good ol' underground passage to O'Hare's Terminal 1 in a while. I used to think it was really cool. And it kind of still is, except that a lot of the lights have burned out.

Peteena enjoyed our brief layover at the Hong Kong Airport (but not the 15.5 hour flight, which she spent jammed into my backpack; I learned a long time ago that she is not to be trusted too far).

Finally checked into the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore about 1:30 a.m. Very nice room, though I have absolutely no desire to sleep (yes, I took some jet lag stuff, and I have some sleep aids if I need them, but there are some kinds of wired that its just better to ride through). Called Brian and found him on his way to his afternoon ministry with Winchester Friends Meeting. Nothing on my schedule until 4pm on Saturday (orientation for new tour members). Have gotten my room organized, watched part of Elmer Gantry, and am working on my blog. Whatever the posting time says, it's 6:15 in the am here. Breakfast buffet opens at 6:30, gotta run!


BrianY said...

Your hotel room looks very fancy. Did you spring for the broadband, or were you posting from the lobby?

Looks like you're pretty close to the waterfront, and some parks there--hope you get some birding in!

Oh, and which book did Peteena end up buying?

Mitch said...

Your room DOES look fancy. I was expecting a slightly expanded closet. I guess that's what you get for watching too much Seinfeld. Remember Kramer and the Asian tourists? Hope you are feeling great and seeing some sites.

Peteenas_Legions said...

Peteena's Loyal Legions crowd around the pool side swim-up monitor at their local Dew-Drop-Inn to check out Her Exaulted High Coolness's first night digs!!!

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