Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Packing Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Am agonizing over shoes and jewelry. HOW CAN I POSSIBLY CHOOSE?

Here's a sampling of things I've already packed:

My fabulous new 4.5 pound Dell XPS M1210 laptop with nifty carrying case,

Some screener DVD's of films I've never heard of (other titles I'm taking - mostly gleaned from the bargain bins at Hastings Video - include Elmer Gantry, The (original) Italian Job, and Winchester 73),

The extremely cool "Birds of Southeast Asia" book that Brian gave me for my trip, and a couple of books I picked up at the used bookstore that are really thick and can be left behind if I actually finish one of them (must have room to pack gifts on the return trip!). I also have a lot of reading material about each of the countries I'll be visiting.

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Annick said...

Planet Earth is completely amazing! They have a segment on the birds of Madagascar and their never-before-seen mating dances, and it's hilarious and awesome. Enjoy!