Saturday, September 29, 2007

First Impressions

Singapore is very peaceful and beautiful at 7am on Saturday morning, not so much on Saturday night. We had a couple of meetings, then went off to a fine, fine meal at a restaurant called Madame Butterfly. The hotel was quite hopping upon our return.

First Chain Restaurant I saw: Carl's Jr. (they're everywhere here!).

First Meal: The breakfast buffet at the Global Kitchen in the hotel (this is how they serve oatmeal).

First Bird: The Olive-Backed Sunbird (saw a male, then later a female flitting around in the bushes along the path to the pool earlier today).

First Floor view looking up the atrium at the elevators:

Tomorrow: Our First Actual Fair!

1 comment:

BrianY said...

Congrats on the sunbird! Very cool.

And isn't this the hotel where they shot that final scene in "Police Story II"?