Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Sulk, She Sulks

Having a bit of a tough time tonight. The college fair was good, but exhausting, and of course my internal clock is all screwed up so I'm only getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Am either wide awake or on the verge of falling over, and each always at the wrong time.

Easier day tomorrow: I'll actually get out of the hotel and off to some school visits with a small group of other counselors. Much more low-key than a full fledged fair, and we'll be done by mid-afternoon. Put food before sleep today and missed my window; won't make that mistake tomorrow. Pretty hellish day coming up on Tuesday - we're out of here at 6:30 am and on to Kuala Lumpur, where we go straight off to school visits and don't get to the hotel until late afternoon.

Peteena not helping; she does nothing by sulk because she hasn't been out of the room (I told her this was a business trip!) Perhaps I'll sneak her into my bag tomorrow, if we can agree on a new outfit for her. Should have brought Morty.

Until next time, here are some random images that caught my eye around the hotel:

Empty Concierge Desk. (Where I come from, this is a fashion no-no!)

The inexplicable display case filled with teddy bears wearing various kinds of uniforms, stuck in a remote corner of the floor with all the meetings rooms.

The walkway between the hotel and the unbelievably loud, chaotic, colorful shopping mall where I'm too scared to pull out my cell phone camera, but nonetheless managed to make a few purchases (hey, if I'm defeated by shopping on this trip then there's no hope for me and I should just go home).


Mitch said...

Defeated by shopping? Your sister would be horrified to hear that. Just think of Shelly and you in San Marcos. Don't they have a Hanes for Her Outlet somewhere there? Wishing you well!

Peteenas_Legions said...
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Peteenas_Legions said...

The lingering effects of the concierge desk take a stunning toll on Peteena's Loyal Legions!!!

See blog for details!!!