Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Misc.

Well, we've weathered our first Christmas in California (though the weather itself has been quite mild, in our opinion, despite what the locals say). Have been on some nice hikes, spent time with some wonderful folks, and Yours Truly even landed a job (at the Golden Gate Audubon Society, where my daily commute will be ten blocks, round trip!). Even managed an overnight getaway to Monterey, from whence we went on the Monterey Bay Christmas Bird County Pelagic Birding Cruise (will post a link to the complete list from the count once it is posted).

Here are some highlights:

Brian and Stephanie go hiking at Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve.

Morty got his vaccinations updated at the Pet Food Express recently, where I snapped a photo of this little cutie, blissfully unaware of the needle in his future.

There are many extensively decorated cars in the area, this one was parked outside the artists studios near our house the weekend before Christmas.

View of San Francisco under a very dramatic sky, shot from the car window on a recent jaunt.

Sunset at Point Pinos , near the inn where we stayed during our trip to Monterey.

Jellyfish in Monterey Bay, shot from the deck of the boat.

Birds, otters and sea lions sunning themselves on the breakwater at Monterey Bay.

Jet trails over the lighthouse at Point Pinos - said lighthouse being the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast (now don't say you never learn anything on my blog!).

Birders on the rear deck of the boat. Yes, that's Sibley's Western in the waistband of the guy in the middle, and no, the guy on the right doesn't really have a bird perched on his head, it just looks that way.

Dude, I said use the BIG lens!

Bri with sea gulls.

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Janedsh said...

Happy New Year, Stephanie! Congratulations on the new position! Glad to see you're out exploring.