Wednesday, December 24, 2008

White Christmas

While here in the Bay Area we don't have snow (we do have rain - lots and lots of rain, not that I'm complaining), one can still find winter white if one looks closely enough:

The latte I was served at Awakening Cafe in downtown Oakland (and kudos to them for being open on Saturday morning, when Starbucks and Tully's were both closed - downtown Oakland not a very happening place on Saturdays, apparently).

The Calla Lilies keep coming (we had seven blooms all together).

Cowboy the cat (who lives in Austin Texas with my sister Mary Cam and her kids).

Obama in the White House! (OK, he's actually ON it, not IN it - picky, picky!).

The cafe mocha I was served at Cafe Cacao, the restaurant run by Scharffenberger's Chocolate at their plant six blocks from our house).

That's right - there's a chocolate factory SIX BLOCKS from our house!

SIX BLOCKS!!!!!!!!! And, yes, they make a darned fine mocha with their own chocolate.


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