Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Miracles

Maybe it's a hangover from the Thanksgiving spirit, but I keep seeing amazing things (and sometimes even managing to get pictures of them).

There are actual Calla Lillies growing in our backyard!

Violet and Morty peacefully co-exist! (Sunbeams have that effect on them sometimes.)

Origami baboon and elephant! Only two of the amazing creations at the wonderful welcome party that the folks at Berkeley Friends Church had for us on Sunday.

Cats that can read - upside down, even! This is Baby, one of my sister Mary Cam's cats in Austin, Texas.

Great shots at Thanksgiving - good work, Bri! My dad is on the left, my sister on the right, Cam's dog Sophie in my lap, and her boys Burke and Ash behind the couch.

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