Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Ladies of the Needle

We have a knit/crochet club at Berkeley Friends Church that meets once a month, and I'm once again learning to crochet (my friend Felice tried to teach me once, many years ago, but I didn't keep at it and never learned much). One of our sometime attenders in this club suggested that we call our selves "The Ladies of the Needle," which has a certain ring to it but also sounds a bit like a knock-off of a John Le Carre novel.

Anyway, today Dorothy brought the quilts that her mother had made to show us, and they were so amazing that we all started taking pictures. And here they are:

This one is all done with Hawaiian print fabric squares.

Detail shot of same.

Dorothy shows us the second quilt she brought.

This one is actually laid out on the first one, the peach and dark blue that look like borders on it are the borders from the first quilt.

Detail from the second quilt. They were both totally awesome! I have a couple of quilts that my grandmother Strait made, but they are not in good repair. I actually used to use them as quilts - imagine that!


julie said...

These are beautiful?

What are you crocheting?

Shelly said...

Those are beautiful. I'd like to try and make a quilt one of these days. A regular sized one!