Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation? What Vacation?!

My plan to quickly get up a series of posts about our vacation while it was still fresh in my mind has, of course, gone by the wayside even more quickly. I do have photos up on my flickr page:

But, in the spirit of Better Late Than Never, here are some photos from the early part leg of the trip.

On our way north to Oregon, we stopped off for lunch at William B. Ide adobe State Historical Park, where there were lots of picnickers with dogs, and a family of wild turkeys. There was an adobe house, too, but it was not the original one, and in my opinion the dogs and the turkeys were far more interesting.

We spent the first night in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and attended meeting at Klamath Friends Church on Sunday.

In Klamath Falls, we spent some time pondering how, exactly, recliners, mattress sets and tables were different from sofa's and loveseat's and therefore merited different punctuation.

From there we went north, and made a couple of stops in the Klamath Basin. This photo is from Klamath Marsh, where we saw a Black Tern (one of several lifers on this trip).


Here's our cheese shot at Crater Lake (see previous post for more shots from Crater Lake).

The Rogue River, at a place called Natural Bridge. We would not have stopped at this place but for a tip from the guy who gassed up our car in Prospect, where we stayed while visiting Crater Lake. Awesome spot, there a place where the river flows through a big lava tube, making a natural bridge (get it?).

Mountains! With explanatory displays!

On to Portland!


BrianY said...

Don't forget that at Natural Bridge we saw another of the lifers on this trip--American Dipper!

Stephanie said...

D'OH! The Dipper - how could I forget the Dipper! Must get the Life List Journal!